The One You Know You Can Change (hazelhazard) wrote,
The One You Know You Can Change

Cinco De Mayo (aka, Margarita Night)

My roommate is moaning/slurring in her bed about how she's going to die. And she's giggling about it.
... "Amazing grace," she just sang, ending with the statment "I'm so drunk."
And now she's talking about how we're all pieces of God.
And now she wants to know why I'm doing. "Jess, who you talkin to?"
"My friend," I lie, "What are you doing?" ... "I'm drunk!"
"This is probably good that I don't have my phone, SHIT I lost my phone."

But this is all situational. The night has been pretty lame, except the part where I satisfied munchies with Taco Bell. Other than that, complete crap. Tomorrow I will protest (mend?) this by staying in bed all day. I'm going to ignore life because it's stupid, and I'm feeling very 5-yr-old.
Why can't I just give in and be a girl, do what I want instead of doing what's "best"? I can't decide if the lesson here is that I'm being too cocky or if it's that I'm not being confident enough. I know that makes little to no sense, but that's par for the course.
The only ones who bother are the ones who don't really matter.

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